18 - The Hunt for Emolga

22 Oct 2011 03:34 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply pipipipi, 22 Oct 2011 03:58 am

Well, it was mostly wishful thinking, but worth a try, right? 8D

And sorry for the delay! Actually this has been finished for a while, but I've been having some troubles with internet connection and computer. ...also, I spent too much time experimenting with colors. Please don't expect more colored panels... xD;;

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User's Comments:

Reply RedJac, 22 Oct 2011 04:33 am

It sucks when you get a Pokemon you neither want or need.

Reply Shadow Raikou, 22 Oct 2011 05:21 am

Although there are 2 Gym Leaders in the way, Get the eel like thing in Chargestone cave. That place is very hard on the first try, through. After the eel evolves, toss a thunderstone to get the most powerful non legendary electric guy ever. I did that myself, however you need to nurse the eel to level 40 or something (37 maybe).

Reply eworm, 22 Oct 2011 05:45 am

Loved the "Don't stop believing" part ;]
Also you forgot about Pokespeech brackets there once.
You're lucky N didn't see what you did to that Audino...

Emolga sucks (even worse than Pikachu, since it doesn't even have a kickass evolved form), finding a Leavanny is much more luck.

Actually, I demand Marla joins your team. Kick Pea out if you have to, you wouldn't BELIEVE how strong Leavannys can be. My (Nuzlocke) one DESTROYED every non-fire type enemy.
X-scissor? Leaf Blade? Yes please~!

And it knows the oh so Nuzlocke-useful False Swipe, too.

Reply Captain LeBubbles, 22 Oct 2011 09:37 am

And as usually happens, that unwanted Pokemon will become one of your biggest players.

Also, I don't know what your rules about in-game trades is, but there is an NPC that will trade you an Emolga later in the game... can't remember exactly where he is, but he wants a pretty common Pokemon for it, so you should be able to get one then, if you still want it.

Reply contradiction123, 22 Oct 2011 09:38 pm

Actually, N has pretty good logic. Of course though, since this is a game, the bad guys have to be wrong. I mean, in real life, if we did things like that, the pokemon (animals?) would not enjoy being forced into a tiny ball and forced to fight. Of course though, it's a game. And in the game, the pokemon do not care. But Pi's logic is good as well.

I am LOVING the comic so far!~

LOL at pokemon gossip time and the "don't stop believing" part!

Also, In panel 4, it says "why does...".
Just sayin'

Reply Kayle (Guest), 23 Oct 2011 12:08 am

So adorable. So. Adorable. Conversations and expressions and backgrounds and *squee*

I actually used an Audino for a while. They're not half bad. Very good at taking hits!

Reply whitewolf975, 23 Oct 2011 07:47 pm

@pipipipi: do you have a deviantart account?this is off topic by the way.

Reply pipipipi, 23 Oct 2011 11:20 pm

@Shadow Raikou: Ah, Chargestone Cave. Such an eventful place, that cave. ahaha that eel is very rare, isn't it? xD
@eworm: Emolgas don't suck that badly. I had one in my normal run and it took me to Elite Four, so. Maybe they're not too strong but they're immune to Ground, and can learn Acrobatics! XD Also, Pea has something to say to you and anyone else who thinks Marla should replace him. http://tinyurl.com/43k6ywd xD
@Captain LeBubbles: Marla gets boxed, unfortunately. ^^;
@pikachu80707 Yup! Not abandoning this comic just yet. xD
@contradiction123 And with Nuzlocke rules, Team Plasma actually gets more credit? Because the pokemon can die... And thanks for noticing the mistake ahaha, I might change it later :D
@Kayle: I agree, Audinos can be good too, I just didn't think so at the time, haha.
@whitewolf975: Yes, it's http://arashi-yukawa.deviantart.com

Reply eworm, 24 Oct 2011 01:58 am

http://tinyurl.com/43k6ywd Oh wow, my comment inspired an almost-extra, I'm so honored. XD
Actually Marla's winning is really probable since Bug > Grass.

Reply Kaji Motomiya, 25 Oct 2011 10:02 pm

Ugh, those pesky Emolgas... It's even more insulting that they become more common when you have an Emolga (or a Pokemon with Static) at the head of your team.

Reply Istoria, 26 Oct 2011 05:32 am

@Kaji Motomiya: What, is that so? D: I just knew... so that's why I see them more often in my normal run. OTL

Reply soren12345, 17 Nov 2011 10:54 am

I LOVE EMOLGA but there so hard to get. I used action replay to get mine.

Reply Knightkirby, 29 Mar 2013 01:15 pm

I always grind battling audinos

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