Q&A pt. 1 - Pi and Pea

April 3rd, 2012, 6:31 am

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Reply pink pikachu, April 4th, 2012, 4:25 am

yay my questen is on the top of the page and first-YAY

Reply Sparky The Fox, April 5th, 2012, 8:35 pm

*Hugs Pea* Yay~

Reply Oshawott, April 13th, 2012, 11:40 pm

>Between Pea or Tepig
>Fire-types are cool

But Tepig smells like fried bacon and Snivy is an egotistical asshole. ;___;

Reply poke cat (Guest), June 23rd, 2012, 3:26 pm

Opinions of starters Tepig rip off of torchic!
Oshowat ewww what is that ugly pokemon?
Snivy since when do snakes have arms and legs?

Reply PiXPea, July 24th, 2012, 5:49 pm

Hi Pi! I'm going to make a Pi and Pea Nuzlocke on my DeSuMe emulator. Is that okay with you? I've looked through all your comics to find the levels, the events, where it was saved.. I'm even going to do the startled part with *R.I.P* Sam... Sorry to bring Sam back up.

Reply pipipipi, July 24th, 2012, 5:53 pm

@PiXPea: Huh? I don't really understand what you mean... well, I'm PM'ing you!

Reply PiXPea, July 24th, 2012, 5:55 pm

@pipipipi: Alright

Reply trube (Guest), August 23rd, 2012, 7:12 am

dat gurdur well... he does look like a kuli anyways(scary)

Reply MewDragon (Guest), May 28th, 2013, 12:37 am

LEGENDARY So I'm not a big poster on the internet these days, mostly I just lurk around and surf the web. I read a lot of good web comics, ctrl-alt-del, megatokyo, questionable content, among others just to name a few. I must say that I stumbled on piandpea by accident just a couple days ago, but this is now my absolute favorite comic. The artist is a legend, has crafted the PERFECT storyline; merging both her own excellent characters with an almost perfect knowledge of the pokemon world and its games, specifically bw. Please keep up the amazing work. I only post comments like this for especially good work these days, and this webcomic absolutely applies. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS!

Reply Pikamewgirl (Guest), December 6th, 2015, 6:10 pm

Grass Types "That's like asking us to stop being Grass-types." Only then did I realize what happens when the gr is removed DX

Reply ScribeXI, April 8th, 2018, 5:53 pm

Urmehgurd Who else ships Pi and N????

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